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My name is Pargol and I am the Chronicler of Castle Argent, seat of the King of Amarillia, Kraal the Wise. It is my duty to record major events affecting Amarillia; the treaties, the wars, the famines, the trading agreements, the petitions to the King, and the like. My duties also require that I am familiar with the works of previous Chroniclers, so that the decisions of the King are informed by the past. It is as part of this work that I came across the Vision Orbs, ancient magical artifacts mentioned in an archaic tome, and stored deep within the Castle storerooms.

The Orbs appear to have been gathered by different people in different times - there are duplicates, and gaps, and inconsistencies, but they seem to act in a similar way, granting the user a vision into another time, place and life.

The pages in this tome, listed below, detail my experiences with the Orbs.



Chronicler of Castle Argent